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  • Use Retail Store Live on any device
  • Even on Smartphones
  • Retail Store Live is PERFECT for....
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  • Inventory
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Sales Register
  • Receipts
  • Reports
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Point-of-Sale Hardware bundle

POS Hardware

We offer a full line of Point of Sale hardware we have tested and approved to work with Retail Store Live. Check with us for any POS hardware your have currently.

Retail Store Live® fully integrated with Merchant Account Processing.

Merchant Services

We offer a fully Integrated Merchant Account Processing & a FREE Gift card Account. No worry solution with simplified PCI compliance. These features save and make you money

Retail Store Live® Point-of-Sale Key Features

Our POS Features

Check out our great Features and simple Requirements for Retail Store Live. It is affordable and versatile. You can see how simple and easy it is to use and how it is both mobile and secure.

Point-of-Sale Detail Reports by Retail Sore Live

Reports & more

Retail Store Live offers full reporting capabilities so you can track inventory, sales, customer details and so much more.

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No Credit Card required!

Core Features and Benefits!

  • The Sell Anywhere, Sell Anytime, Sell Any Place, Online, Web Based Point-of-Sale Solution for Retailers. Use it at your store, off-site, on the road, at home, on a PC, on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, all at the same time. Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android.
  • Perfect for Retail Stores, Inside & Outside sales, Booth Sales & Kiosk Stands
  • Our Quick Sale Icons make Retail Store Live great for not only retail environments, but cafes & other service oriented business environments
  • There is no software to buy, install or maintain.
  • All you need is broadband internet access on your devices. Get started in minutes!
  • Your store is EVERYWHERE all the time!
  • Fully integrated with Mercury Payment Systems FREE Gift Card Account
  • Contact a POS Specialist at 615-874-2451 | info@retailstorelive.com
Simple Point of sale


We offer a full line of Point of sale hardware we have tested and approved to work with Retail Store Live. Check with us for any POS hardware you currently have.
Please note that our Retail Store Live Point of Sale Solution will work with most existing Point of Sale Hardware such as Hand Held Bar Code Scanners, Receipt Printers, Cash Drawers (with printer release), Magnetic Stripe Reader, etc. Please check with us for a compatibility of the items you may already have.
The Hardware recommendations on this page represent what works on most PC's. For the point-of-sale hardware for Windows® tablets, iPads®, Android® devices, smartphones & other wireless devices, please contact us so we can provide you with the correct hardware.
-- USB connections are recommended --


Credit Cards
Retail Store Live is fully integrated with Mercury® Payment Systems so that you have less to worry about. No batch to settle and Simplified PCI Compliance.
Gift Cards
With Mercury® Gift Card Integration, you have more freedom and options to offer your Customers. You set your limits and multi-unit availability.
Mercury® helps merchants keep processing payments even if there is an outage in their network with Mercury-Stand-In™ Authorization. They can activate it instantly so you never lose customers during an authorization network outage, no matter what.


Get Graphical Reports by specific dates on Sales, Categories, Customers, Suppliers, Specific Inventory Items, Taxes, Discounts or Payment Types.
A brief snap shot of Sales, Categories, Customers, Suppliers, Specific Inventory Items, Taxes, Discounts or Payment Types.
Get detailed information by specified date range on Sales, Deliveries, Customers & employees.
Get s break down of which of your items are moving as well as low inventory levels.


FREE initial setup • Free updates & NO hidden fees • Licensed per Store • NO contract to sign • FREE Gift Card with Mercury® • Integrated Merchant Account • Supports most point-of-sale hardware such as hand-held scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers, Magnetic Stripe Card readers & even label printers • Freedom to use your own merchant account processor • Remote & Email Technical Support
Quick Sale Icons available for quick entry or items w/o barcodes • Be up & running in MINUTES • Simple & Easy to use • No software to install • Monthly & Annual Subscriptions available • Import customers & Inventory Items from Excel • New customer setup & new Inventory Items entry at point-of-sale • Unlimited Employees • Unlimited Customers • Unlimited Transactions • Place transactions "On Hold" for later • Restock, re-order, tracking & exporting • Inventory tracking data & print bar code labels
Compatible w/ Windows®, Linux, Mac, Tablets, Smartphones • Works on most Web browsers ( IE 9-11 & Chrome recommended ) • Unlimited Registers & devices for each store • Simplified PCI Compliance • Multiple tenders supported on each transaction • Automatic Credit Card Batch Close each night • Extensive Reporting & Graphical reports • Sales Tax tracking & multiple tax rates allowed • Serial numbers supported & alternate descriptions • Inventory adjustments & history
Mobility & Security
Web Based • Access from anywhere from all devices • Automated nightly backups on secure servers • Customizable Security Settings • Employee security settings & tracking • Integrated Merchant Account with Mercury® • Email customers' receipts • Retail Store Live® & Mercury® are fully PCI compliant under VISA / MasterCard rules • Summary & Detailed reports from anywhere